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We are in this business because we want to help people live easier lives with their pets. Having pets around enriches your life immensely but the competing demands of work, family and time away from home limits your day in so many ways.

After work you want to relax and your dog keeps bringing you the soggy ball to throw. Or your steady canine or feline companion is getting up in years and the puddle on the floor when you get home stresses out both you and your pet. Maybe you are headed out of town and the kennel scares you as much as it does your pet. Thatís what we are here for: to assist you in keeping your pets happy and healthy.

So, read on below, take a cruise around the rest of our website and see the services we have to offer. If you don't see something that fits your needs, feel free to call or email me and let's see what we can work out. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you!

Why a Dog Walker?

Dogs are by their very nature, social animals. If you have ever been to the dog park, you would agree that dogs love us, but what they really love is the company of other dogs. Having a walker bring your dog to an off-leash park lets your canine friend stretch every single one of those legs and exercise the noggin on such difficult topics such as chasing balls, swimming, rolling in the grass or just plain sniffing. And what's in it for the humans? You get to come home to a relaxed and happy dog. Not one that needs a walk from your work-weary bones.

Or perhaps you have a dog that prefers to keep track of all things local. We offer leashed walks as well.

Cats Need Love Too!

While we can't offer to take your cat to the off-leash park, we can stop by for one-on-one human time or some raucous catnip fun.

Our Service Area Includes

Bryant, Greenlake, Laurelhurst, Montlake, Ravenna, U-District, View Ridge, Wallingford, Wedgwood and Windermere.